“Out of the chaos, great stars are born” Osho

New Dawn Astrology with Babula


  • Babula lives in and works from Brisbane, Australia. She is available for Readings in person or via Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger.


  • Babula is currently offering monthly astrology classes in Brisbane.
  • Her Astrology Courses and Workshops from recent years are available as mp3 downloads and pdf documents.

"The night sky will teach you. It is vastness itself. Limitless. This is YOUR nature that you are seeing. When you look up there, you are seeing yourself. You are kin to the night sky. It is time for you to begin to know yourself. Breathe in the night sky, greet your family - the stars - and merge with the comforting blue-black of space. Look up and awaken. Look up and awaken. It is time."

- Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers, January 2018 www.netoflight.org


An intuitive Pisces, Babula has been a professional astrologer for over 30 years. She has had many astrology and spiritual teachers from different backgrounds and traditions and her life journey has been focused on her healing and transformation process. Babula has taught and consulted in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe and India.

I wanted to thank you whole heartedly for you insightful and inspiring reading today. It was a true pleasure to find someone as intuitive and wise as yourself. You really hit on so many points that resonated deep within. You have really helped me renew my sense of purpose and identity. I now know why I persisted in seeking you out after all these years.
Ewan - Group Facilitator

“The essence of astrology is that we are not separate; we are one with the Universe. All of life is in a deep rhythmic and divine harmony, and the interconnecting cycles of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars are a reflection of our life here on earth. From each planet a different combination of rays comes and when the child is born, whatever constellations, stars, planets or distant super-suns are encircling the horizon, all enter deep within the mind of the child at the time of its exposure. In a very deep way, they imprint their influence on the newly born consciousness. The whole of existence contributed to it. The name of this interconnected cosmic relationship is Astrology.” Osho: Hidden Mysteries

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