Astrology Readings

Thanks again Babula...Your readings are like a sparkling cool breeze on a hot day. Joni Pollard, Film-Maker, Sydney

CONSULTATIONS in Person, by Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger

An astrological consultation with me offers in-depth insight into the various levels of you and your life: from your outer personality-type to the deeper karmic patterns that may be limiting the full expression of your essence – your true self. The issues of various areas of life are revealed including:

  • life purpose
  • relationships, partners
  • children, parents, family issues
  • health, illness, healing
  • career, work and finances
  • spirituality, karma, consciousness
  • your inherent gifts
  • challenges, pitfalls, stuckness, crossroads, crisis
  • the Sacred Feminine

My primary interest is to support you on your journey to self understanding, self love and self empowerment, and to offer healing and transformation through the truth revealed in your birthchart. 

Each reading, whether it’s your first or 25th horoscope reading, focuses on what is most important for you at that time. The chart speaks to us and reveals its most relevant message for you now.

It can be very helpful to have a reading at the start of every year or around your birthday to understand the planetary transits and progressions activating different areas of your birthchart in the period ahead. A reading at any strong times of transition and change is immensely helpful and confirming.

Thank you so much for my update last week, for my new year. You combine your knowledge, gifts and kindness beautifully. Francesca Purnell, Acupuncturist, Victoria

All sessions are recorded in mp3 format.

Consultations may include:

  • Individual Natal Chart Reading
  • Transits, Progressions and Solar Returns
  • The Black Moon Lilith, Asteroid Goddesses
  • Relationships, Partnership, Marriage
  • Family and Children
  • Astro*Carto*Graphy, Maps, Locations, Travel

It was amazing, fascinating, intriguing, resonating experience with you today. I am so very grateful to have met you and look forward to doing more work with you. I feel so very very blessed. Thank you for your brilliance, intelligence, gift and essence. Sue Mazur - Life Coach, Touch for Health Practitioner, Brisbane

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