The Form

handsThe Form Reality Practice is an exquisite 'meditation' involving a sequence of sacred movements that touch and open a place beyond our current experience.  It can be practiced alone or shared with another.

It is a beautiful and powerful vehicle for healing, transformation and awakening in the 21st Century and came through the realised teacher, Bernie Prior.

There is a natural flow of energy that moves in everything in the cosmos. As we begin to experience this flow we are drawn into deeper and more expanded levels of consciousness. Through the sacred flow of The Form, we are learning to move more freely in life as awareness and love and to discover the never-ending mystery of who we really are.

As The Form unfolds, we tune in to higher and higher frequencies. The chakras are initiated, masculine and feminine energies are awakened and harmonised and we are lifted to the highest possible expressions of life and love. Unlimited possibilities open in our inner vision and knowing.

Through the divine dance of The Form, Light is transmitted down to earth to be lived in a very real way. We become more open, clear, radiant, grounded and embodied as healing and transformation occur on all levels.

The Form is divine. Our true inner nature is Light, Radiance and Love and this practice connects us to that Light, opens the heart, releases and heals past patterning, inspires a new vision and expands our consciousness. It facilitates the awakening of the individual and evolution of humanity at this critical time on earth: a monumental evolutionary leap and New Birth.

 “The sheer beauty and cosmic mystery of The Form continues to take my breath away. Through this practice I am more open, grounded and feel so much more alive. I know directly that this body is a living temple and that we are all beings of light. It is a great privilege and honour to teach The Form and share it’s wonder and divine grace with others”  - Babula

‘Our path home is in our own hands. You are the artist who is shaping the image of your God, your Beloved, the unspeakable place of which you came out of. In your hands alone is the beautiful creative task to mould this universe into the image of our Beloved.’   - Bernie Prior, originator of The Form – Reality Practice

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